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Scottish Cuisine

Savour the Legacy, Relish the Innovation: The Scotsman's Unique breakfast Journey

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The Scotsman is where the heart of Scottish tradition and the spirit of contemporary cuisine converge. We prioritize a farm-to-table approach to guarantee the authenticity of every dish, exclusively offering breakfast daily.

Scottish Breakfast

Delight in our breakfast menu or explore our array of freshly baked goods, complemented by natural juices.


upscale lounge

Visit our lounge for an intimate and unforgettable experience.

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For those with Exquisite Taste

Elevate your stay with premium bottles from our exclusive vintages, conveniently available for your enjoyment in-room. Embark on a global tasting journey without leaving the comfort of the hotel, savouring renowned wines from both the Niagara region and celebrated vineyards around the world, all curated for your discerning palate.

Local fresh ingredients

Chef Chris is passionate about delivering unparalleled and authentic dining experiences. With a commitment to sourcing only the finest local ingredients, he ensures every dish speaks of Niagara's bounty. His traditional Scottish breakfast is a testament to this dedication. Through his farm-to-table philosophy, Chef Chris crafts dishes bursting with sumptuous flavours.

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